Friday, September 23, 2005

STATUS QUO, my ass!

so, i spend many a late night going through all of the blogs on here. yes, i suffer from insomnia it seems. as well as many other conditions some would alledge. well, anyway, i think it is amazing how quickly so many bloggers jump on the 'update' band wagon. updates on hurricane katrina, hurricane rita, the bus full of old people, the jet blue airline mishap, yada yada yada. while those things are all news worthy (therefore covered at extensive length on such channels as cnn), i don't really understand why bloggers decide to spend so much time and effort on stuff everyone already knows! and yes, i was guilty of this in the past myself. but! alas, i have decided to step away from the status quo and write something that no one knows.

about my ass. your ass?, you say, yes, my ass. you see, i have discovered that my ass is a great earthquake predictor. i can predict earthquakes and once they happen i can judge the strength of it based upon how deep the vibration is in my ass. now tell me, is that something that you would see on cnn or in any of these blogs??? NO you would not. so there i am, stepping away from the status quo and refusing to follow all of the other bloggers down the path of repetition. besides, who ever comments on anyone's blog anyways??

just a thought for today.

thanks for reading if you have.

have an ass shaker of a day.

Thursday, September 22, 2005



Have you ever tried one-handed typing?

cherries...pick one that is ripe and filled with juice when popped!

i had the pleasure of that experience. mmmm........ thanks, you know who you are! remember the colors turquoise and hot pink....?

and to think it all started with the french...!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Some things I like...Some things are just pretty

Greatness in Action

Hopefully something good will come of this...hehehe